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Academy of Anti-discrimination Education

Academy of Anti-discrimination Education is a continuous professional development course for teachers of Polish and humanities, which supports creation of safe classroom communities and fostering equality, respect and responsibility for one another among students.


Who is this for?

We welcome teachers of Polish and humanities from primary and secondary schools in Małopolska and Górny Śląsk regions.

We would like to especially encourage applications of two or more teachers from a school, as well as those recommended by graduates of past Academies.

What will you learn?

Our Academy is using a VICE model (Visibility, Inclusion, Collaboration, Empowerment) which supports building and maintaining classroom communities free from discrimination and violence.

Following a week-long orientation, each of the four consecutive weeks of the Academy is dedicated to one of the four elements of VICE model with powerful activities, allowing instant implementation of the new knowledge and skills straight into teaching practice.

Each of the weekly modules includes subject-specific knowledge as well as pedagogical content focused on strengthening connections between students.

How is this course structured?

The Academy is a hybrid course which includes:
– kick-off session in Oświęcim
– five weeks of individual and group work on the course platform
– three Zoom sessions

How do you sign up?

The recruitment is now open. Teachers from Poland can apply through the Polish website.

How much is this course?

Participation in the Academy is free of charge. Participants are required to cover the cost of their travel to Oświęcim and back.


Project coordinator: Karolina Turza,


=> Watch a clip from a 2023 edition of the Antidiscrimination Education Academy


This project is a partnership with Polin Museum of History of Polish Jews and Czulent Jewish Association.  

The project is made possible with the support of the CERV grant from the European Commission.