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About the Foundation

In 1995, the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation (AJCF) was established by Fred Schwartz z"l (1931-2016) in order to rebuild a Jewish cultural, spiritual, and educational center in Oświęcim and to pay tribute to Jews who were essential part of the town's life for over 400 years.

AJCF commemorates and preserves the Jewish heritage and history of the town and educates about the Holocaust and the dangers of prejudice and hatred today.

As the only Jewish presence in the vicinity of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Center teaches about Jewish culture as well as the rich and diverse Jewish community that was destroyed during the Holocaust.

From the Icelandic police force and US Military cadets and midshipmen, to schoolchildren from Germany, Polish teachers, and tourists from every corner of the world, everyone who visits the Center learns, in the most personal and powerful way, that we will only thrive when we learn how not to hate.

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Simon Bergson


Fred Schwartz (1931-2016)

Founder and President Emeritus


Stefany Bergson

Brianne Berkson-Gluckstern

Daniel Eisenstadt

Dr. David G. Marwell

Suzanne Miller

Shiri B. Sandler

James Schreiber

Allyne Schwartz z'l

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Wayne Zuckerman

Oświęcim office

Tomasz Kuncewicz


Artur Szyndler, PhD

Museum & Cultural Events

Maciek Zabierowski

Head of Learning

Aleksandra Kuncewicz

Administration & Finance

Karolina Turza

Educator & manager at Cafe Bergson

Kamil Gut

Educator & barista at Cafe Bergson

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Educator & barista at Cafe Bergson

New York office

Aviva L. Miller

US Director

Erica Evans

Development and Operations Manager