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Cyfrowe Muzeum Oshpitzin

Delve into a rich collection of documentaries, interviews, and virtual events that unveil the vibrant history and enduring spirit of Jewish Oświęcim.

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Arts and culture
Google Arts & Culture Exhibit
Wander through curated online exhibits showcasing photographs, artifacts, and narratives that paint a vivid picture of our past.

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Google Street-View

Virtual Tour: Museum & Synagogue
Step into the heart of Oshpitzin with an interactive tour of our museum and synagogue, offering a panoramic glimpse into our sacred spaces with Google Street View.

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Katalog online - Oshpitzin

Online Collection Catalogue
Browse our extensive collection online, featuring detailed views and historical insights on each artifact, painting, and document.

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Oshpitzin App

Museum App: Oshpitzin
Download the Oshpitzin app, your ultimate guide to Jewish Oświęcim, enriched with historical facts, augmented reality experiences, and guided tours.

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