Lucyna Filip, Żydzi w Oświęcimiu

Lucyna Filip, Żydzi w Oświęcimiu

  • Edition year: 2003 
  • ISBN: 83-911188-0-0 
  • Language: Polish



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Jews were the majority of the population of Oświęcim. The town’s Jewish residents were almost all murdered in the Holocaust and their memory became overshadowed by Auschwitz.

Before that, the Jewish community was an important part of the local community. Jews with their own language, culture, religion and customs, with their own synagogues, schools and community centers, theater, newspaper, sport clubs and business, gave the town a multicultural character and contributed to its development. One of the most active establishments in Oświęcim was Jakob Haberfeld's vodka and liqueur factory, which was widely known throughout Poland.

This book includes registers of Jews fom Oświęcim, who were deported to the ghetto in Sosnowitz, as well as those imprisoned at Auschwitz, a register of the individuals buried in the Jewish cemetery in the town of Oświęcim, and a register with biographical information about the Holocaust survivors from Oświęcim.