Between the Wars

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Announcement of Oświęcim Jewish Community about prices of kosher meat, 1919. Collection of the Krakow State Archives.

Members of Agudat Israel, interwar period. Collection of Sabina Rosenbach.

Seal of Bikur Cholim Association (est. 1888). Collection of the Krakow State Archives.

Members of Oświęcim chalutz organization – kibbutz Borochov, interwar period. Collection of Bet Lohamei Hagetaot, Israel.

Students of cheder with their teacher (including: Berek Better, Szlomo Better, Moshe Better, and Gromek Helzman), Oświęcim, c. 1932-1933. Collection of Bernard Better.

ID card of Majer Glass, 1930. Collection of the Krakow State Archives.

Report card of Fela Rosen, school year 1931/1932. Collection of Klementyny Tańskiej-Hoffmanowej Gymnasium no. 3 in Oświęcim.

Students of Oświęcim elementary school during an outing, Porąbka 1831. Collection of Jacob Hennenberg.

Seal of Jewish Reading Room in Oświęcim. Collection of Łukasz Szymański.

Certificate of Oświęcim citizenship of Chana Doba Silbiger, 1925. Collection of Sara and Jacob Harari.

Kadimah Football Team, interwar period. Collection of Stefan Solarczyk.

Members of Hitahdut – Zionist political party, 1930’s. Collection of Jacob Hennenberg.

Article about future elections in the Oświęcim Jewish Community, Tygodnik Żydowski 1938 no. 36.